Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gadgets for Home: Ipod's

Ipod's are taking over the world. I can barely remember the Sony Walkman. It's really an amazing time for music and video lovers. Total portability for a very low price.

This leads to me write this note to all that will listen. I live in New York City with my girlfriend. We've lived together (happily) for two years. And, for these two years I've ducked into my home office hundreds of times to go online. My girlfriend, except for a few random email sessions, has never touched the computer - until now.

I bought her an Apple Ipod mini for her birthday. Now I can't get anywhere near the darn computer. She's downloading music or storing new files nearly everyday. And, this is from a person that does not feel comfortable around technology.

Never before have we witnessed such a rapid change in cultural habits as we are witnessing with the use of Ipod technology. When a technophobe like my girlfriend begins to use it everyday we know we've crossed a very wide chasm.

Let's look ahead a bit. Where's Apple going next? Will they launch a WIFI-enabled Ipod? How about full video-on-demand?

I bet will see both coming from Steve Jobs. Aside from Google, Apple, led by Jobs, is one of the great innovators of our time.

He has single-handedly changed the music industry - an industry he had nothing to do with 5 short years ago.

Stay tuned as I do more research into just where Apple is really going with their Ipod product line.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tech Gadgets: HDTV

I now own two LCD, flat panel HDTV's. I've prided myself on only owning Sony for the past 20 years. And, yes, one of my flat panels is indeed a Sony, but it's not my favorite TV. My favorite TV today is my Sharp Aquos. It's hard for me to write the word S-h-a-r-p! It was even harder for me to pay the high price tag for any TV not named Sony-something.

Here's why I did it: The Sharp Aquos is a better TV. Don't get me wrong - the Sony flat-panels are good, too. They look and sound just fine, but, if you're looking for size and looks, the Sharp product is the one for you.

I looked at all the plasma TV's but was scared away by the horror stories of malfunctioning screens, or burnt images that require 'on-site' repairing. Who wants to deal with such problems?

Not me. I may have paid a little more than expected but this TV should be with me (fingers crossed) for at least the next 10 years. The picture is so darn good that I can hardly imagine an innovation beyond what we have today. How much better can a perfect picture really get?

Not much if you ask me.

Here's the site if you care to check it out. They just came out with a 65" monster. Oh well, I do need one for my bedroom.